Seven Stars Martials Arts Association
Wirral Self Defence
Master Brian McKinney

Master Brian McKinney F.F.S.M.A.

British Martial Arts Master
Martial Arts student since 1958
Meditation teacher since 1974
Full time professional Martial Art, Combat and Taiji instructor since 1978
International expert in Eastern/Western Martial Arts – Ancient and Modern
Director - Seven Stars Physical Arts Academy U.K.
Founding President - Chinese Wushu Research Institute G.B.
President - Seven Stars Martial Arts Association International
Founder Fellow of Society of Martial Arts G.B.
Founder Fellowship Degree - Society of Martial Arts (F.F.S.M.A.)
Diploma in Wushu Beijing Phys Ed. University
7th Degree Black Belt - Combat Neijia Wuyi System
6th Degree Black Belt Wushu - British Jing Wu Association
5th Degree Black Belt Kickboxing - British Kickboxing Association
5th Degree Black Belt Karate - British Karate Association
5th Degree Black Belt Pankration - World Renaissance Pankration Association.
British Full-Contact Sanda sparring champions
British Semi-Contact Kung Fu sparring champions
British Kung Fu Forms champions
British Adult Tai Chi: Gold, Silver and Bronze
British Junior Tai Chi: Gold
British Tai Chi Sword: Gold, Silver and Bronze
British Karate Kumite (individual champions: junior, senior and women)
British Karate Kumite (team champions)
British Karate Kata champions (senior)
British Kick Boxing champions
British Junior Wushu champion
World Kickboxing champion
1982 - Demonstration for Mayor of Shanghai during the official opening of The Chinese Pagoda Centre in Liverpool
1988 - Largest Tai Chi demonstration in Great Britain to that date. Three hundred of Master McKinney's students performed various Tai Chi routines.
1988 - British seminar - Master Jifu Huang
1988 - First British seminar - Singapore Chin Wu Athletic Association
1988 - First British seminar - American Chin Wu Athletic Association
1990 - Largest Beijing 24 step Tai Chi demonstration in Britain to that date One hundred of Master McKinney's students performed and were filmed for TV.
1990 - First British seminar - Master Li Deyin
1991 - First British seminar - Master Xu Hao
1991 - First British seminar - Master Zhang Zheng
1992 - Wirral Martial Arts and Tai Chi Festival
1993 - Power of Youth Anti-Drugs Festival
1993 - Friends of the Parks Festival
1994 - Power of Health Festival
1996 - Demonstration at Martial Aid Festival
1999 - British Seminar - Master Allen Pittman
1999 - British Seminar - Master Xu Hao
2001 - British Seminar - Master Oren Ambar
2005 - British Seminar - Master Li DeYin
2006 - British Seminar - Master Xu Hao
2006 - British Seminar - Master Li Deyin
2007 - Bodyguard Seminars
2008 - Dong Yue Seminar
2008 - Taiji Sword Seminar
2009 - Street Defence Seminars
2010 - Be Calm Meditation Seminars
2011 - Self Defence Seminars
2012 – HRH Diamond Jubilee Demonstration

1988 - Article on Master McKinney in "China Wushu" magazine
1988 - Master McKinney appeared on various British TV programmes
1992 - Master McKinney was commissioned by a major pharmaceutical company to write a book on Chinese exercise for sufferers of chronic pain. First print 250,000
1994 - Master McKinney was interviewed live by BBC Radio
1995 - Master McKinney appeared on Sky Live broadcast across Europe to Russia and Japan
1998 - Master McKinney was the subject of a twelve page article in "Fighters" magazine, a foremost national martial arts magazine in Britain.
1998 - Master McKinney choreographed the fight sequences in Oxfords professional stage production of William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"
1998 - 2013 - Master McKinney has been interviewed by many international media organisations